Sunday, 27 January 2008

Blank Slate

Okay party people. Challenge time.

I have this terrace. It's about 25 square meters (I'm too lazy to figure out what that is in square feet)

I've been living in this building for about 4 years but I'd been so obsessed with the reconstruction of the house (lived with no hot water for a year!), the layout and making it a relax zone, that I didn't really put any effort into the terrace. In all honesty, I'm still considering if it is even worth the trouble. Let's look at the situation...


1. It's not attached to the house. You have to walk up 2 flights of stairs to get to it.
2. It's unprotected and we can get very high winds in the area. I'd have to sort out what would be structurally safe.
3. I cant build a fixed structure that is closed on any of its sides. Just gazebo-like open structures, so as to avoid any building violations.
4. Since I cant close off any of the sides I have neighbors who have direct views= No Privacy...Trees/plants maybe? But there is the wind factor...


1. The View...

Behind the castle tower is Portofino.
Oh my God...I live next to a castle and I have a view of Portofino!

This is an example of what others have done. I intend to step it up a notch.
Check out my uninterrupted view of the city and the Mediterranean sea.

2. Little Eva would have her own private park (which would be very spoiled of her as we live 10 minutes from Righi where she goes running every day)

So what's your vote? Put time and effort into this or not?

If so, give me some suggestions on the who what when where and how. I need a spring board people...



stljoie said...

I'd climb two flights of stairs for that view...and I love gazebos!

coco+kelley said...

my goodness... you make me more and more jealous every day! this is definitely a tough task to take on... but could be SOOOO worth it. not being a landscaper i'm afraid i'm not very helpful, buuuut, i say GO FOR IT! think about how much time/maintenance you're willing to put in and talk to someone who knows something about these things. maybe a zen little garden of your own? succelents, bamboo, rocks - things that don't die easily ;)

good luck girlie! you and your projects are endless!