Thursday, 17 January 2008

Can I Be Any More Annoyed?

Seriously. I dont think I could be any more annoyed than I am right now.

Okay, you know in High School when you had a friend who lied about another friend and created a ton of drama and then pretended that nothing was her fault while your other innocent friend got screwed over?
You know the one who you continue to despise although you completely appreciate the fact that we are adults now and she is probably not the same. But still you continue to resent her because every now and again you run into her on the street or hear about her from a friend, or whatever, and those forgotten feelings resurface?

Well for me Chloƫ Sevigny is that person

And I cant even hate her openly because then I get all this flap about just being jealous. Listen to me very carefully


And this smile by the way...

She would spend absurd amounts of time in front of the mirror practicing it and then would ask us if it was right or not.

But Okay, she's got a quirky funky style that can be noted and she's done some flicks. Acting? Well she got nominations. Personally, I cant sit through any of her stuff and
By The Way, even I have done a film with Woody Allen, so don't let any of her rubbing shoulders with the big boys distract you. Fine...I didn't have any actual lines, but he told me to move twice and I'm clearly in the shot with him, which I consider valid co-star status.

But all the acting and past aside, I'm currently seeing red for one reason and one reason only...

unbeknownst to me, I have been lovingly adoring her home and even booked marked it in my Inspiration File. It wasn't until I was organizing the photos that I actually read the saved title and realized it was her home.

That's so annoying. But Damn. It is kinda nice, isnt it?



Christina said...

How did you know her?

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. I'm sorry but that post made me laugh. I am Queen of the "annoyed by people" thing only lucky for me the people I'm annoyed by are not famous (yet). If it's any consolation, my husband and I watch Big Love and have both decided that we hate her. My husband says she has butthole eyes. So while she may have practiced that smile all those years ago, she can't do nothin' about the butthole eyes.

MAds said...

Butthole eyes...

God I love you.

rabbit_fighter said...

As chair-person of the committee to nominate an acting president of the "C Sevigny ain't all that and even less" un-fan club, you hereby have my nomination.

Before closing, choosing the right designer/decorator/chef/stylist? is not the same as having good taste.