Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Full Relax

I have a Full Relax Zone.

After a long day at work.
When I'm Frustrated.
When I'm Cold.
I come here.

I love that I have this. I love that music flows. I love that the lights dim.

I love you Bathroom. I love me for thinking you up, but I love you more for listening, comforting and keeping me warm.

I love you especially today. Today you gave me a full spa treatment in less than an hour and a half. Today I kicked off my boots and transformed myself. Today You made me love you more.

I Am So Relaxed. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


Mrs. Limestone said...

What a fab bath you have. Its very much out of a high end hotel.

Do you get a lot of natural light in your bathroom? Id love to add an orchid to my bathroom but Im afraid lack of light might kill it.

MAds said...

What I was told was that bathrooms are ideal places for orchids because they are like swamp direct sunlight and humid. I got the cheapy Ikea ones to test it out and they lasted a long time. I think it was on its sixth or seventh week in that photo...almost at its end.

Anonymous said...