Thursday, 27 December 2007


Leave for Vienna tomorrow. It better fucking snow because I had to dish out 350euro for snow chains!

What I was last to find out was that with the Mini Cooper D, you cant just grab the cheap set of snow chains. Noooooo, You have to get special ones to fit the special tires. Thats so absurd. But I love my car, so I'm just going to let it go.

I still haven't packed or anything related to leaving town for 10 days, but I have about 4 hours tomorrow morning to stress about that. As for my Timberlands...Looks like they will see another winter holiday...

So, since I wont be able to stalk my fav blogs, don't be surprised to see your hits drop drastically. But mid January I'll be back and will be sure not to let any of you down!

Happy New Year!