Tuesday, 25 December 2007

New Year's Resolutions

Now that I've had some time to digest the news of my husband's partnership in his law firm and my newfound wealth, I think I'm finally able to put my New Year's resolutions into writing.

  1. Never miss a payment again for the Kenyan Kids I sponsor to go to school.
  2. Step Things Up A Notch
  3. Buy 10 things in 100% Cashmere (Actually, I can cross this off my list. I got a little crazy in a very nice boutique)
  4. Go to the hairdressers and sort my shit out.
  5. Get a better sense of style. Very connected to the idea of stepping things up a notch. I look good, but I could look soooo much better if I'd just put some effort in.
  6. Be nicer to my mom. Okay, be more tolerant of my mom. Okay, find a way to get my mom out of my house and into her own apartment so she can stop driving me crazy and my husband I can start having sex again.
  7. Sort out my husband's style. He is a partner now and almost all of our friends are loaded/nobles. Its time to retire the Old Navy Jeans...
  8. Bring it hard to my job.
  9. Write more and think less
  10. Start the Torriglia House Project

If you haven't got your list together, get it done.

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