Thursday, 31 January 2008

Spiralling Out of Control

Previously on Cabella Place...

Moody Mitch, ex-husband of Sinthia, warns MAds of drama brewing in Cabella Place. MAds has no idea what to expect when she walks into the building, but figures it may have to do with Sinthia who has the penthouse apartment and is not exactly one to avoid controversy.

It could, however, also involve Madison, who although annoyingly perfect, not immune to skeletons hiding in her closet. But Madison is currently out of town working on her screenplay at her country house while attempting to avoid the watchful and sometimes perverse eyes of Mr & Mrs Franshpipal. Plus, the voices MAds hears are coming from the the top floor. One is definitely that of Sinthia, the other is distinctly familiar, but not recognizable.


MAds Looks up the staircase hoping to get a glimpse of something. She is carrying a plastic shopping bag filled with groceries which is crinkling and crunching, making her spy/ninja walk completely useless.

Voices turn to screeches, doors slam and then the sound of footsteps and random mutterings reveal just exactly who is involved...

The Authentic Expat

AD Italia

I will close my eyes and go to this zenly tranquil place when people say really ridiculous things. Yes they are ridiculous because I asked my husband and he told me that I was right. He wasnt looking at me and his nose was in his motorcycle magazine, but he said it, so its true.

So I went too far suggesting that expats should just go to Las Vegas instead of moving to metropolitan cities like Rome, Paris, NY, Tokyo and London. My point was that it was a joke for expats to live in these places and then think they are experts or spokespersons for such and such country.

I have lived all over the world and the one friend you know who speaks the language fluently, doesn't have an expat contract with housing, furniture, insurance etc allocations (or rich enough to live anywhere) and plans to live in that place until the day they die does not compare to the 150 I know who have 2 year contracts, no roots or ties, and absolutely no intention of doing anything more than taking advantage of this incredible experience.

Okay, I'm done.

You know I'm not

Party people, weigh in...

Can expats live authentically on foreign soil?

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Blank Slate

Okay party people. Challenge time.

I have this terrace. It's about 25 square meters (I'm too lazy to figure out what that is in square feet)

I've been living in this building for about 4 years but I'd been so obsessed with the reconstruction of the house (lived with no hot water for a year!), the layout and making it a relax zone, that I didn't really put any effort into the terrace. In all honesty, I'm still considering if it is even worth the trouble. Let's look at the situation...


1. It's not attached to the house. You have to walk up 2 flights of stairs to get to it.
2. It's unprotected and we can get very high winds in the area. I'd have to sort out what would be structurally safe.
3. I cant build a fixed structure that is closed on any of its sides. Just gazebo-like open structures, so as to avoid any building violations.
4. Since I cant close off any of the sides I have neighbors who have direct views= No Privacy...Trees/plants maybe? But there is the wind factor...


1. The View...

Behind the castle tower is Portofino.
Oh my God...I live next to a castle and I have a view of Portofino!

This is an example of what others have done. I intend to step it up a notch.
Check out my uninterrupted view of the city and the Mediterranean sea.

2. Little Eva would have her own private park (which would be very spoiled of her as we live 10 minutes from Righi where she goes running every day)

So what's your vote? Put time and effort into this or not?

If so, give me some suggestions on the who what when where and how. I need a spring board people...


Saturday, 26 January 2008

'Drawers' in Light

Apartment Therapy has got this new theme of light going on.

I'm not the sharpest in the bunch, so I couldn't figure out how to submit this photo to the contest. As a result, I've decided to run my own little show!

• Title: 'Drawers' in Light
• Location: Liguria, Italy (My stairwell looking into courtyard)
• Your Name: MAds
• Short description: 'Drawers' is us black folks name for underwear (pronounced
draws). So if you read the title correctly it should be Draws in Light.

Funny side note: Those are my uncle's (by marriage) underwear!

Table Manners

I think I would have much better table manners, and my husband would certainly eat with his mouth closed if we had Fine China like this...

All taken in the Imperial Silver Collection Museum, Vienna Austria

Window Shopping in Milan

PRADA Display, Milan November 2007

Friday, 25 January 2008

Dissed and Dismissed


Okay, back to Plan A. Which is a good thing because this little 'distraction' has left some overesights in the past week that need tending to.

Plus, Plan B has now been replaced with the following proposal:

After the final exam session (mid June 2008), enroll in a distance Interior Design program in London. I would need to go each month to present my projects. Thats not a prob as it takes an hour and a half and with Ryanair at a cost of around 70euro, its very do-able.

So who needs LV and a jet-setter lifestyle, when Ive got that!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Where you at?

Seeing as how I live in Europe and all is just a drive away, Ive booked this insane B&B in France for Easter. The description alone is making me giddy...

The crusader kingdom heralded the creation of the military orders.
The priory is the former residence of the commander of the knights of Saint John competitors but also spiritual brothers of the templars located in a quiet and authentic countryside refined and serene the priory offers you a perfect blend of French and Asian traditions reflecting the owner’s Asian antiques trading.

In the former Residence of the Commander of the Knights of Saint John, a spacious groundfloor offering two family guest rooms : private entrance, one large bedroom featuring a queensize bed and an 18th century chinese bed, the other a very confortable twin. New private bathroom and toilets. The second level offers a large combined lounge/dining with kitchen. Breakfast is served in the stone walled Priory, beside the monumental Renaissance fireplace. Refined and serene atmosphere.

All that and only 80euro/night


Sunday, 20 January 2008


I've been lacking in inspiration recently. I asked for help. I got none.

So I thought.

Then my best friend impressed me more than he will ever know. Plan A. Read it.

(M. in his element)

He is my biggest supporter. My purest love. My other self. And he is now, once again, my n. 1 hero.

Chris and I will find a way to build with you.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Can I Be Any More Annoyed?

Seriously. I dont think I could be any more annoyed than I am right now.

Okay, you know in High School when you had a friend who lied about another friend and created a ton of drama and then pretended that nothing was her fault while your other innocent friend got screwed over?
You know the one who you continue to despise although you completely appreciate the fact that we are adults now and she is probably not the same. But still you continue to resent her because every now and again you run into her on the street or hear about her from a friend, or whatever, and those forgotten feelings resurface?

Well for me Chloƫ Sevigny is that person

And I cant even hate her openly because then I get all this flap about just being jealous. Listen to me very carefully


And this smile by the way...

She would spend absurd amounts of time in front of the mirror practicing it and then would ask us if it was right or not.

But Okay, she's got a quirky funky style that can be noted and she's done some flicks. Acting? Well she got nominations. Personally, I cant sit through any of her stuff and
By The Way, even I have done a film with Woody Allen, so don't let any of her rubbing shoulders with the big boys distract you. Fine...I didn't have any actual lines, but he told me to move twice and I'm clearly in the shot with him, which I consider valid co-star status.

But all the acting and past aside, I'm currently seeing red for one reason and one reason only...

unbeknownst to me, I have been lovingly adoring her home and even booked marked it in my Inspiration File. It wasn't until I was organizing the photos that I actually read the saved title and realized it was her home.

That's so annoying. But Damn. It is kinda nice, isnt it?


Tuesday, 15 January 2008


So my interview for... on Friday. On the US website 'casual business' is listed under office attire. But I'm going for an HR managerial position (not a sales position in a shop, pleeeaaaaassse!) in Italy. So I'm thinking of going Diva Casual. I just made that up, so I'm not sure what it means. Not a suit, but not jeans either.

Something like this?

All Black with a big bag that pops?...

...Or simple with a jacket that stands out?

...Or the classic Black and White?

...Or what about bold and carefree like this?
all photos from the brilliant Sartorialist

And whats the rule on wearing the label to the interview? Should I absolutely avoid wearing anything LV? I mean, if someone came to my office wearing anything with my company's name on it, I would write them off as a completely challenged.

Input please!!!

Thievin' Hevin' Part II

Again. At a loss of words.

This is fashion at its perfection.
Penis bump and all.


Thievin' Hevin' Part I

Its very rare that I get inspired to the point of literal cut and paste, but today it happened. It happened twice, in fact, making me wonder if I have entered into a rut, or if I have used up all my originality tokens.

But alas, Apartment Therapy has just organized, in a convenient slideshow, the basic thesis of the Torriglia House. While I wanted the project to be 'mine', my very first total renovation...The fact of the matter is that I am going to do my best to duplicate this home. Thats it.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

They said...

They Said This Day Would Never Come....

Ok, fine. Works much better when Obama says it, but it's the effect I'm going for here.

Sooooo, Finally the dining room is DONE!!! (Applause)
The photos don't really do the final product justice, so the three people that actually read this blog will just have to come over for dinner and experience it for reals.


Elongated the curtain rod to open things up and got rid of the dead space on either side of the window. Painted the table in a high gloss and took out the extra leafs. Used Mossy plants as coco+kelley suggested.


Incorporated orange (to get rid of the drab mono-colour scheme) and more mossy plants and glassware at various heights. All thanks to coco+kelley...Just check out her blog if you dont know about it already!



Its busy, but I love it! The orange runner really brings out the antique dresser.


AFTER (option 1)

AFTER (option 2)

Okay, this corner was the biggest challenge. I had bought this chest on a whim before I really knew how I wanted to reconstruct the apartment. When I put it in the room I hated it and wanted to kick myself for buying something I couldn't use. But I loved it so much that I was determined (okay, obsessed) with finding a spot for it to not only function, but Pop! You cant see it so well here, but I'm obnoxiously giddy over the results. Its fuckin' great. But I cant decide which I prefer, the white vases or the lacquered bowl with Japanese Balls. Input please!

Plus, If any of you can identify this chest, I'll be your best friend. Okay, maybe not your best friend, but I'll be less judgmental of you in general. All I know is that it's Louis something...

Stay tuned for the Next Challenge....