Monday, 5 November 2007

In a land far far away...

...there is a really sexy, Woman...named Madison. She has long legs that never need to be shaved because God gave her the gift of great hair where she wants it and no hair where she doesn't. She is also super intelligent which allows her to have a high powered job that doesn't cause her any stress because she is insanely able to delegate, negotiate, manipulate and obliviate all obstacles. Plus, she is a killer dresser and has such an organized closet that she doesn't even need to plan outfits. She can just wake up 20 minutes before leaving, pull a couple of things out of the wardrobe and with a wash of the face and brush of the teeth she is ready to go. Oh! Silly me forgot to mention that she has such flawless golden skin and naturally rosed glossy lips that make-up is something she has never needed to bother with. And I didn't mention any hair routines because she has natural curls that just bounce bounce bounce.

Anyway, She has also got an amazing country house...No, seaside house...No, no, country house with a covered back porch that looks a lot like this...

(Elle Decor Italia June 2007)

She decided to string this wonderful fabric up for two reasons.

The first was that the windows were exposed to the neighbors who were desperately and constantly trying to get a peep at Madison's perfect body

And the second reason was that they were a reflection of herself. They were crazy and wacky in such a perfect kind of way.

Wow, That Madison sure has got style!

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designdna said...

what is going on here? where have i been? look what i have been missing. i just found you via desire to inspire. your blog is fantastic. i will be back to visit often.