Sunday, 18 November 2007

Spin it

Mitch is a moody man. He calls himself an artist. Whatever. He's moody and he has a chip on his shoulder. He also thinks that a conspiracy lies behind everything. Some say that after 4 years of marriage to Sinthia he has become sullen and bitter. I say he's just a big fat baby who needs to be the center of attention, and when he's not, somehow the world is against him.

Anyway, now that he has got his own apartment, instead of 'Popping' he is the kind of guy that likes to create environments where nothing has more potential than the things or people around him. That way nothing in particular is ever expected of him and if, on the off chance, he does come up with something brilliant to say, it would stand out and chime. I guess that's why this room works so well for him...

(Elle Decor Italia Nov 2007)

Now don't get the impression that I'm anti-dark because I'm not. My good friend Jasmine does the dark thing and her place is great.

(Elle Decor Italia Sept 2007)

I mean, if Mitch weren't so busy being bitter, he could pull something off like this in his place too. Its all a matter of spinning things. In life and in decor.

(Elle Decor Italia Nov 2007)

Plus, don't forget that my inspiration room was way dark, and way inspirational.


coco+kelley said...

ok, seriously, we need to do a magazine swap. i NEED to have some elle decor italia in my life! whaddaya say?

happy thanksgiving from the states! hope the dining room is going well, and i want photos!!

Mélanie said...

I love dark ambiance but you need to have light in it.
A little bit late but I wish you an Happy thanksgiving . Did you eat an italian turkey ?

MAds said...

Thanks of the Thanksgiving wishes! Unfortunaltely I'm in Milan for business. This would normally be a nice thing but its raining so hard, I havent even been able to check out some recomended shops. Plus Im in San Remo tomorrow, but by then this bloody storm will be there! No turkey, so window shopping...No way to take advantage of htis business trip!

Cas...we will work somehting out!

Anonymous said...