Thursday, 1 November 2007


BunkaMadison was a concept I came up with years ago while living in Japan. The idea was to take my life, my experiences and my curiosity and infuse it into various cultures. 'Bunka' meaning culture in Japanese, allowed me to experience night when it was day and day when it was night. If you have ever spent an extended period of time in Asia, specifically Japan, you may know what I mean...

And so, 3 countries later I find myself living in Italy with a whole new wealth of Bunka to bathe in...and a love of interior design.

The mission:

To share my home reconstruction, the beauty of my city, the interesting inspirations I come across, and the insane situations I find myself in.

And to do it all in a positive and productive way.

Much love from Liguria



Mélanie said...

I love this world happy to see your new blog !!!

MAds said...

So glad you found me! Thanks so much for your help and support!