Friday, 2 November 2007

The Dark Side

If I had the space I would create a room like this...

(Elle Decor Italia Nov 2007)

These colours are boldly relaxing and the room is so warm. Dark but not gloomy. I was dreaming about how wonderful these colours were and thinking of where I could incorporate them into my own home when it hit me..

I already have those colours!

I had used the idea of this colour scheme in my kitchen and after reading the article in Elle Decor Italia, fell in love with the colours (and my kitchen) even more.

The colour schemes are these...

(Elle Decor Italia Nov 2007)

And here is my kitchen...

Kitchen 5

Yet another example of me having no idea what I'm doing but somehow managing to put two and two together...



coco+kelley said...

mmmm! i love your inspiration room! it actually reminds me of exactly what i'm trying to go for in my bedroom which is very slowly finally coming together! i hope to have it finished this week and post up some photos.

love the new blog! :)

MAds said...

Yeah, the colours are so soothing but at the same time so vibrant. Crazy cool.

Thanks so much for all the lovin'