Friday, 2 November 2007

Climbing the Walls

This is Ingenious...

(Elle Decor Italia Nov 2007)

This is designer free climb wall in a gym in Japan. They used picture frames, bird cages, side tables, etc to create a free climb wall. This is exactly what I love (and miss) about Tokyo. You can literally find anything and everything imaginable and unimaginable. But this...This is just plain GENIUS.

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LallaLydia said...

This is SO COOL. I remember visiting Tokyo as a little girl and my mom took me to one of those "kids only" indoor playgrounds in some skyscrapper downtown. Maybe one of her friends told her about it and she needed a break? I so wish this place had been around, I would've loved to have scrambled all over its walls! Image the adorable photo opportunities! But what happens if you fall?
And what will the Japanese think of next? Brilliant!